Personalized fitness training at the Alive 4 Health fitness center


Fitness – a vital component of health and well-being

Often overlooked or underrepresented by western medicine, physical fitness is an integral part of functional medicine. Of course, the value of physical fitness are by no means limited to the physical. Some of the most profound benefits of fitness are mental and emotional. As a preventative health strategy, the value of fitness cannot be overstated. And for individuals dealing with chronic or acute health problems, an appropriate fitness program greatly enhances the efficacy of other treatments.

Professional Fitness Training

Alive 4 Health has partnered with Andre Washington Fitness to offer its clients the highest level of professional fitness training available. AWF works with individuals and groups of all health and fitness levels to help them achieve a healthier body and mind. In addition to a distinguished reputation for training and coaching, AWF is also an authority on nutrition.

From professional athletes seeking a competitive edge to average people simply looking to improve their health and feel better, Andre Washington Fitness guides individuals of all kinds to reach their own personal fitness goals. Alive 4 Health is proud to be able to offer its clients a fitness resource of this caliber.


The Alive 4 Health Fitness Program


Fitness Center

Alive 4 Health features a fitness center exclusively for the benefit of its clients. The fitness center has been assembled from the ground-up after consultation with AWF to select the most well-designed fitness equipment available. Additionally, the resources in the fitness center have been carefully chosen to be diverse enough to accommodate users of all types and fitness levels.


Personalized Training Program

Each Alive 4 Health client will be prescribed a training program. This training program is unique to that individual. It is a result of careful consideration of the individual’s current state of health, whatever challenges his or her body may be facing, whatever other treatments the individual may be receiving, and the individual’s own health and fitness goals. Using these factors, the professionals at Alive 4 Health will design a training program for the individual. Each individual will then be guided through his or her program, receiving constant attention and monitoring throughout the program.


Results Monitoring

Each fitness program at Alive 4 Health is driven by results. Thus, throughout each program, the individual receives constant coaching and results are continuously monitored. In time, as initial goals are achieved, the personal fitness program may be expanded to include new targets.

Fitness Training
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Alive 4 Health offers personalized fitness training prescriptions custom-tailored to an individual's needs and goals. Professional coaching and results monitoring guide each client to attaining those goals.