We Practice Functional Medicine

Functional medicine addresses the root cause of illness rather than just treating symptoms.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a transformation in understanding the human body, determining both how optimal health is achieved, and how illness comes about. It relies on the principle of deep investigation into the body, seeking to mend the body by addressing the root issues that are challenging a person’s health. This is a major departure from the approach taken by Western Medicine simply medicating against the symptoms of the illness. Instead of viewing health treatment and medicine as a set of special areas unique to different parts of the body, functional medicine looks at the body as a whole. It seeks to determine what the the body lacks and how it can be replenished. In short, functional medicine looks into the core issues a person is suffering from and finds the most direct way to resolve these issues.

Through an understanding of an individual’s unique health history, and with the help of advanced laboratory testing, functional medicine practitioners at Alive 4 Health can specify what lifestyle changes, nutrition, nutraceuticals, holistic treatments, and fitness programs can enable them to regain their natural healthy and whole state of being.

Functional Medicine Evaluations

Functional medicine employs an in-depth evaluation process to identify challenges the body is facing and how to overcome them. A comprehensive evaluation visit takes up to two hours to complete. During this visit, one of our functional medicine specialists will work with you to assess many areas of your health, including the following:

  • The symptoms of your illness – when they began to occur, how they’ve progressed, and (if known) what seems to trigger or alleviate them.
  • Medications you are currently taking to treat your main health issues other minor issues that may exist.
  • History of medical treatments that you can recall, including any antibiotic use.
  • Any important environmental factors that can affect on your health. This includes things that causeand relieve stress (work, exercise, sleep, relationships, etc.).
  • Diet, including any issues with digestion or the body’s absorption of nutrients.
  • Any allergies you may suffer from, and when you became aware of them.
  • Measurements of your body’s ability to eliminate waste, toxins, and other harmful materials. This includes an assessment of the immune system as well as identifying any exposure to toxic substances.
  • Testing and review of certain genetic components and hormones.
  • Various other pertinent conditions and factors.

Alive 4 Health Wellness Centers Set the Standard for Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine, Comprehensive Health Evaluations
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Functional Medicine, Comprehensive Health Evaluations
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Functional medicine addresses the root cause of a health issue rather than simply medicating the symptoms. It looks at the body as a whole, and finds the most direct way to address core issues.