Holistic Treatments

Our holistic treatments offer benefits for healthy individuals as well as those with chronic illness.

The next stage of functional medicine, after rigorous testing and analysis, is holistic treatment. Holistic treatments are typically far less invasive and disruptive to the body than conventional treatments. Since the root causes of health issues were identified through testing, treatments can be directed precisely at trouble regions, with little or no effect on the rest of the body. The goal of holistic treatments is to bring the body into a state of general well-being through eliminating pathogens, inflammation, toxins, and invasive growths such as cancer. Holistic wellness treatments may be followed by or combined with IV Nutrition therapies and personalized training in our fitness center to maximize the effect of the treatments and help the body achieve optimal health.

Holistic Treatments
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Holistic Treatments
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Holistic treatments including immunotherapy, vibration therapy, theta chamber therapy, and massage therapy are non-invasive, have minimal side-effects, and bring the body into a state of balance and well-being.