Healthy Gut IV

Keep the foundation of the body’s health in peak condition.

About The Healthy Gut IV

As a part of the body that many overlook when health problems arise, the importance of a balanced gut is something that cannot be stressed enough. In today’s world, there are many elements that can unfortunately damage the gut and upset its balance. Nutrition-deficient diets, stress, alcohol, smoking, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine are all culprits in an unbalanced gut. These detrimental elements, all too common in modern lifestyles, can leave us with an unhealthy gut that shows itself in the form of weakened digestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, and bloating.

The Healthy Gut IV is designed to reinforce the gut and get it back to functioning properly. It uses L-Glutamine and Zinc in order to bolster the intestinal tract and provide the gut’s cells with what they need to protect this all-important system. The combination of l-glutamine and zinc reduces the spaces between intestinal cells, alleviating the condition known  as leaky gut and its associated autoimmune reactions and inflammation. The Healthy Gut IV uses these elements, along with vitamin C and glutathione, in a powerful formulation bring the gut back to a healthy and balanced state.

The Science Behind Healthy Gut IVs

Zinc and L-glutamine both reduce intestinal permeability (leaky gut), closing the tight-junctions between intestinal cells and thus protecting us from over-activating our immune systems and triggering inflammation. L-arginine is included in this IV because it raises the levels of IGF-1 (the active form of growth hormone) a critical component in maintaining “cccluding” integrity, a protein which “seals” the space between intestinal cells to prevent leaky gut. Glycyrrhizin has been added to this IV, as it is a strong anti-inflammatory with cortisol modulating properties. The other ingredients are antioxidants like vitamin C and glutathione, which are important protectors of the mucous layer and cells of the intestinal tract, shielding against the damage done from intestinal inflammation.

Inside The Healthy Gut IV

The gastrointestinal tract was something that was considered to be the core of a healthy body in Eastern Medicine. However, until somewhat recently, Western Medicine viewed it as less important, instead as only a center for digestion. Research has revealed that a healthy gut is absolutely crucial to not only digestion, but also many other important functions of the body. In a compromised gut, such as one with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), or Leaky Gut, these functions are damaged and cannot be carried out effectively. The Healthy Gut IV supports the gut and brings it back into balance so that it can  effectively manage its functions, including:

• Digestion of consumed materials into easier-to-digest particles
• Absorption and assimilation of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins
• Expulsion of waste from the gut through bile
• Protection from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful organisms and materials
• Strengthening of the immune system
• Lessening of inflammation to improve the regulation of digestion as well as immunity

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The Healthy Gut IV helps restore balance to the gut. A healthy gut is the foundation of a overall health and wellness. The nutrients and minerals in this IV treatment alleviate leaky gut syndrome and its associated auto-immune reactions and inflammation.