About The Brain Boost IV

As a treatment designed specifically for the improvement of mental clarity, the Brain Boost IV is an effective formulation. For individuals experiencing decreased recall, reduced ability to focus on tasks, or any degree of brain fog, or looking to boost mental output for a particularly heavy workload on the horizon, the Brain Boost IV is the answer.

Consisting of a potent blend of nutrient compounds that include Glycerophosphocholine, B vitamins & vitamin C, various minerals, and taurine. Glycerophosphocholine is a supportive nutrient for all cells within the body, including the brain. An increase in this vital compound helps an individual feel more focused and alert. The various minerals, B vitamins, and vitamin C bolster the body’s ability to efficiently manufacture neurotransmitters and energy within the brain. Taurine is an organic compound that acts as an antioxidant that helps the brain manage stress while fortifying the processing connection between an individual’s eyes and their brain. The Brain Boost IV can also be tailored specifically to each individual to ensure they are getting exactly the mental clarity support they need.