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Custom Complete
Custom Complete

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Alive 4 Health believes in providing natural, holistic solutions to health issues. We consider the individual to be an environmentally-influenced, complex biological system – and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to any health condition.

We seek out the most advanced natural treatment options in the industry. We supply naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and wellness centers with powerful treatment modalities. Our wellness range includes innovative nutraceuticals, immune enhancers, probiotics, and many more.

Advanced Nutrition to Feel Alive!

  • Natural medicine.
  • Optimal delivery.
  • Research- based ingredients.
  • Unique formulations.
  • Long-term healthcare support.
“ImmunX is a powerful formula for immunity and so much more. I really enjoy this formula and feel that my immune system is stronger and more resilient when I take it. I actually got my immune system tested recently after taking ImmunX consistently and my immune system looked better than it ever has. Very grateful for this transformative product!”

David King

Detroit, Michigan

“I just finished a round of Custom Complete vitamin product. I wanted it for digestion and immune support. My two canisters lasted me 6 months, I took them as I felt my system could tolerate. It was slow going at first, my GI feels the best it’s ever been and my bathroom habits are FINALLY normal. This customized solution seemed to calm my tummy and digestion process. Highly recommend.”


New York, NY

I just wanted to share an update with you on some results I experienced after taking the EnhanceX. After taking it regularly for 2 weeks I started to feel results and performance definitely improved when I took 4 capsules beforehand. I am also regularly taking Vmax, last week I had a Dr. appointment and was not expecting to hear that my blood pressure was perfect. I had not been taking my blood pressure medicine since I had run out. I asked the Dr. to double check and it was indeed good. Just wanted you to know that EnhanceX and Vmax are working and I thank you!

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