HYM3+ hydrogen water generator system

water MEANS

Hydrogen-Rich Water
Unlocking the potential of H2 for better health.

Hydrogen-saturated Water
The ultimate cleaning solution.

Why use hydrogen water?

  • Contribute in the reduction of inflammation in the body.
  • Enhances cellular hydration, supporting bodily functions.
  • Consuming hydrogen-rich water may improve athletic performance, reducing oxidative stress.
  • Protects the brain from oxidative damage.
  • Preliminary research suggests hydrogen-rich water improves metabolic health markers.
  • Promotes digestive health by balancing gut microbiota and reducing inflammation.
  • Molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals.
Why use hydrogen SATURATED water?
  • Antibacterial Properties: Hydrogen water inhibits bacteria growth on surfaces.
  • Deodorizing Effect: Hydrogen water neutralizes odors effectively.
  • Non-toxic and Environmentally Friendly: Hydrogen water is safe for users and the environment.
  • Gentle on Surfaces: Hydrogen water is suitable for delicate materials.
  • No Residue Build-up: Hydrogen water prevents residue build-up on surfaces.
  • Reduced Allergen Exposure: Hydrogen water reduces exposure to allergens.
  • Versatile Cleaning Solution: Hydrogen water can be used for various cleaning tasks.
Water Generator - Portable

hydrogen-alkaline water may support energy, weight management, athletic performance, and stress management.

hydrogen water generator

A patented system for generating ozone-free, hydrogen-rich drinking water in the home.

HYM3+ Hydrogen water generator

Filters available separately

  • Easy to use
  • Dispenses 4 levels of mineral-rich drinking water: hydrogen water, purified water, and disinfected and sterilized water.
  • Innovative technology produces water containing up to 1,570ppb of dissolved hydrogen.
  • Voice-activated ON/OFF mechanism.
  • Powerful cation exchange membrane electrolytic cell system.
  • Two premium filters to produce pure, great-tasting water.
  • Sensors to monitor lifespan of filter and when replacement is required.
  • Automatic cleaning and efficient drainage system for optimal sanitization.
  • Automated dispenser to prevent infiltration of fine particles and contaminants.
  • Simple and elegant design.
  • Certified as Good Design by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP).

HP100 portable


  • Pocket-sized hydrogen water generator for maximum convenience
  • Light and compact (70mm in diameter )
  • Compatible with 216 types of bottle
  • Safely generates mineral-rich water on the go
  • USB-powered for fast, convenient connection while traveling
  • Sensors for automated error diagnosis
  • Automated alert system when cleaning is required
  • Powerful ozone separation system built on platinum mesh electrodes
  • Maximum power of 1200 ppb
portable hydrogen

Innovative portable hydrogen water generator for travel, work, and play

Faucet Water Hydrogen



  • Easy to use
  • Included with HYM3+ GENERATOR
  • One-touch system
  • Arch Swing, moves 180 degrees left to right
  • Can be installed with only 4.5cm space
  • Alkaline water ionizer is installed under the kitchen sink
  • 3 Types of under-the-sink Alkaline Water Ionizer for your convenience
  • Made of Zinc-aluminum alloy

HYM3+ Hydrogen water generator