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Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Nutrition to Feel Alive

Who are We?

We are a collaborative group of health care practitioners, marketers, developers, and more.
Being a leader in the nutraceuticals and health equipment industry, we go the extra length to provide you with the latest technology and developments. We scour the planet to search for the best and most advanced allopathic and holistic ingredients we can source. Alive 4 Health is a portal for anyone looking to improve their health with quality supplements.
We are constantly striving to bring state-of-the-art products to the table for your health, and we are committed to excel in our services.

What is a sublingual?

A sublingual is a supplement with an advanced delivery method. These tablets dissolve under the tongue to reach the bloodstream faster and bypass the harsh acids in the stomach.

What is a Microblend?

A Microblend is a unique mixture of herbs, nutrients, minerals, and essences that support different functions of the body. This product is a liquid spray, making it easy to ingest and digest.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship DHL Express Internationally, please email us at with your order items and address and we will do this process manually.

Can I take these products while pregnant/breastfeeding?

You should always consult your doctor or practitioner before ingesting supplements while pregnant/breastfeeding. Certain products should be avoided while pregnant, please email us at with specific details.