DNT 53


DNT 53 is one of our star products. This is a blood boosting product that is a rich source of complex biochemical constituents that help to boost the body’s immune system and defenses against viruses, bacteria, fungus, and free radicals.

Active Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris Linn – increases immune system health and possible anti-depressant, anti-cancer, and analgesic

Prosopis Spicigera Linn – powerful antioxidant, anti-depressant, may reduce cholesterol and blood sugars

Tinospora Cordifolia – increases immune response, protects the liver, antioxidant

Carica Papaya Linn – antioxidant, nutritive, aids digestion, increases immune activity

. DNT 53 may support:

  • Low Platelet Count
  • WBC and RBC Production
  • Bone Marrow Health

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